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Akeel, 10 Jan 2021

I used to love the macho burger, always tasted great and was ready in the 10 minutes I was promised It would be. Not last night though, took over 25 minutes from order to collection. And then, he charged me 5p more than the menu/website price!! - (I pointed out that this was illegal and was given some guff about it being under new management like that makes any difference to retail law) the burger tasted like it had been sat under a heat light for a couple of hours, It resembled an old piece of leather - also missing all the salad ingredients apart from the lettuce. Such a shame, I won't be returning!

Cj, 04 Jan 2021

Ordered 3 pizzas and 3 cans of Coca Cola. Drinks never came. 20mins later and I’m still waiting for them.. call them back and they tell me delivery guy went to Rusholme and then they’ll bring it to me. Totally unacceptable!! First and last order with them!!

Federico, 13 Dec 2020

Best pizza near me better than the other rip off so called big brands

J, 28 Nov 2020

Ordered jalapeno fries got 2 normal when paid for 1 one of each ask for mayo got green stuff and the dough ball were burned and was hard to chew

Connor, 27 Nov 2020

Very good service

Waseem , 25 Nov 2020

Always returning. Top Notch service always arrives early, food still hot and tatsy, great prices compared to other places, you pay more for less.

Azell, 19 Nov 2020

Been buying food from here for a while and I love it. It's tasty and great value for money. Sometimes the order isn't quite right, though.

Rami, 09 Nov 2020

Fantastic pizza parlour in town.

Zubair, 08 Nov 2020


The best bar non. pizza is far better than dominos and the other overpriced so called big brand takeaways. I really appreciate a takeaway that does quality food deliverd HOT and at a fair price.

J, 31 Oct 2020

Always delivered on time if not early and the pizza's good!

Guy, 12 Oct 2020

Very quick service as always and of course the taste is amazing! :)

Saima, 12 Oct 2020

Best pizza place outside the big name brands that I've eaten from! Regular repeat customer for collection and delivery, the staff are always nice when I head in

Tom, 04 Oct 2020

Great food

Zubair, 01 Oct 2020


Callum, 18 Sep 2020

Dead nice Vege spicy pizza would defoes order again! Wasn't greasy, was hot n fresh!

Stacy Faye Wearmouth, 13 Sep 2020

Great food. Very hot

Jon, 16 Aug 2019

the pizza is top notch, cant go wrong with 23rd street pizza

Ahmed, 10 Aug 2019

Great tasting pizza

Razz, 25 Jul 2019

Awesome food.

Sikandar, 22 Jul 2019

Always excellent. The best.

Jack, 21 Jul 2019


David, 15 Jul 2019

The best pizza in Manchester

Momtaz, 14 Jul 2019

Since finding this place its the only place I ever get pizzas from always amazing

David, 11 Jul 2019

Delicious Pizza but need to focus on customer service.

Sikandar, 02 May 2019

Delicious Pizza. I didn't taste such a pizza in entire Manchester.

Sikandar, 20 Apr 2019